Why Evolution doesn’t fit the Quantum World: The Observer Effect

Many evolutionists and evolutionary biologists alike may have heard of a century old experiment called Double Slit Experiment. This is a high school experiment that proves that light can behave as a wave and a particle. But not all experiment results were not discussed in detailed in high school. What is missed could change the way everyone think what reality itself is. It’s called the observer effect.

So, what’s the big deal about Double Slit Experiment – the Observer Effect? Below is a quick video and I recommend you to watch it.

In short, light behaves like a wave as long as you don’t look at it. If you look at it, it behaves like a particle. The very act of observing makes light to behave like a particle. No one have a damn clue why light is behaving like a particle and a wave, and the wave equation is actually just a fluke. This experiment actually lays down the corner stone of the weird world of quantum mechanics. Going further into quantum mechanics, not all equations agree on a single universe. So, there was a multiverse proposed. While multiverse is gaining popularity, it is way to crazy to begin with because, the number of multiple universes that exists are the number of possibilities that can happen even at the electron level. The only other remaining explanation is the Copenhagen interpretation. Without going into details, it simply means, the knowledge of the observer collapses the wave function. So, what does it really mean and what does knowledge of something have anything to do with a particle? There is yet a good explanation not discussed at all – zeroverse. It is like nobody wants to talk about it, even though it is very obvious. It’s a simple concept that the entire world itself is a simulation. Why do I say that? I will take you through that experiment again: We believe that if we don’t watch something, it is still there. This is the classical view. But in reality, deep within microscopic quantum world, all particles exists as a probability – it isn’t there and it is also there. Which means, a particle can exist and cannot exist at the same time. However, the moment when someone watches it. the wave function collapses and becomes a particle. This is a solid scientific proof that we aren’t just materials of random chemicals but our very consciousness and the knowledge of a particle’s state collapses it’s probability. This cannot happen if we are evolved from a single celled organism. This can only happen if we are inside a simulated world.

I suggest everyone to watch the Google Tech Talks: The Quantum Conspiracy: What Popularizers of QM Don’t Want You to Know.

Hence, based on double slit experiment – observer effect, humans evolving from a single cell to a monkey and finally to humans is simply non-sense. It also doesn’t make any sense why something had to evolve in a simulated environment when humans who simply by observing can collapses the wave function and the way particles behave. Please note that double slit experiment – observer effect for quantum wierdness is not just for lights or electrons. Recently, molecules too produces interference pattern. (Ref: Largest Molecules Yet Behave Like Waves in Quantum Double-Slit Experiment)