Felix Immanuel

Disciple of Jesus Christ

From slave of sin to freedom

Written by Felix Immanuel | 17 July 2018
God took me from the dust and heap of ashes, brought me into a land flowing with milk and honey and made me dwell as a peg in a secure place. Even though I was born as a Christian in a good Christian family, I became an atheist during my college days. I denied the existence of God and questioned everything. This is my story of how I journeyed from being an atheist to believe in the one true God and how Jesus Christ taught me obedience to His words is the key to be free and not a slave to sin.

I wasn’t a dull student in college. In fact, I considered myself to be the best programmer in my college. Even though I had the right skills, the dot-com bubble burst and I wasn’t able to secure a job after my graduation. After more than eighty interviews for more than a year and traveling more than three thousand kilometers for a job, I finally came to the realization where I can truly sense an invisible hand knocking off every opportunity which I was about to get. I then realized, if there is a God, He is definitely against me and He wants to make sure I don’t get a job.

Even though I haven’t visited any astrologer, it was told to me that my stars were not in the correct position right now but I will get a job on a particular day of the month when the stars are in the right position. Being an atheist, I started to investigate this and even bought a book on astrology to study it. When all these things were happening, I thought to myself, if there is a God in Heaven, I must get a job before the date told by the astrologer. If I get a job any time on or after that date, then astrology must be true. I thought to myself that this is an excellent test to see which is true. Interestingly, I got a job immediately after this in a miraculous way. I was actually preparing some interview questions for someone else which was the same asked to me in my interview. While I was able to see God giving me a job in a miraculous way, something else also happened. I also got another job on the same day the astrologer told for twice the salary but on a far away location. I took the job that God gave. It was on that day, I was able to see not only God at work but also the forces of darkness at work, right before my very eyes. My atheist view was shattered. It certainly cannot be a coincidence. From that day forward, I was no longer an atheist but believed in God.

I was too busy chasing my own career and lived like a normal Christian by going to church, reading the Bible etc and three years had passed. I got married and moved to a city far from my hometown. I thought of going to a nearby church because of more Christian presence there. Unfortunately, on the very first day of the visit, I noticed the teaching was contrary to what I know about. I did some search on the Internet and found several different beliefs and doctrines of different denominations and some are classified as cults. In the meantime, I was also exposed to several people who spoke prophecies.

While I certainly do know that God of the Bible exists, I was faced with several confusions and contradictions in the Bible. Many claim to prophesy in the name of God yet I have no way of verifying them. How can I be sure who is speaking the truth? If an angel stood before me, how can I be sure the angel is truly from God? I started looking for answers from the Bible where God was identified as God even by the pagan magicians. I happen to come across the forgotten dream of Nebuchadnezzar which was told and interpreted by Daniel. This event made it very clear that no one in heaven or earth can know what is in a man’s heart except God. Hence, I decided not to tell the anyone about any of the specific problems I have but I will pray to God in my heart but the answer must come from the mouth of the prophet or the preacher. Not once, not twice, but several times, I was very clearly able to see God speaking through the mouth of others, not in vague language but a very specific answer to my question in prayer. This is not an answer from someone’s mouth after several days but an instant answer at that very moment when I finish thinking the question in my mind. Now, I not only know that God of the Bible exists, but He also responds to our questions and concerns instantly without delay.

The confusions and the contradictions in the Bible were still before me. Because I had a personal experience that affirms the existence of God of the Bible and He responding back, the contradictions in the Bible did not move my faith. And now, I was no longer a normal Christian but meditating deeply on the Bible. The more I studied the Bible, the more I saw the need to follow Jesus and obey His teachings. The more and more I studied Christ's teachings, the more and more I saw Paul's letters contrary and rejected them. After all, I don't need Paul or his letters for salvation in anyway. The more and more I learn Christ's teachings, one thing became apparent. Christ had zero tolerance to sin and the sinless requirement to enter life. Is it even possible for us to be sinless? Can man be free from sin? I pleaded with God for the Son to make me free from sin. Then God showed that if I abide in His Word, I will be made free and the Word He showed is to cut off everything that causes me to sin.

I entered through the narrow gate and started walking on the difficult path. I removed everything that causes me to sin. I threw away more then two hundred movies, disconnected streaming connections for televisions and made several changes by removing all things through which sin enters - since Christ taught us to even chop off our own hands if it causes us to sin. It was only after everything that causes me to sin is removed from my house, I was made free from sin and I was able to say that I am no longer a slave of sin.

Some may say that if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves, but what they forget is, John was saying about people before they were born again who cannot sin. Sin is like a fire that consumes you. Asking someone if any person can live without sin is same as asking if they can live without putting their hand in fire? Christ came as a normal man and showed us that a normal man can live without sin - hence everyone is without any excuse and He will blot all the names of those who defile their garment from book of life. Many Christians are so blind, being a slave to sin, having no hope of becoming free from sin because they had never experienced freedom from sin. But I can say to anyone who is reading this, that the Son can surely set us free from sin if we abide in His Word and obey His teachings. This is my story of how Jesus Christ taught me obedience to His words is the key to be free and not a slave to sin.